Have you ever been to Nepal? If not, you should place it on your to-do list this year. Make time and take you and your loved ones on a vacation to the beautiful country called Nepal. It is an Asian country that poses as a border to china, India and Bangladesh. It is a landlocked country that can be found in the Himalayas, which is in southern Asia.  Nepal is blessed with a diverse geography, which includes; forested hills, fertile plains, and very high mountains. Among the top ten highest mountains in the world, you can find eight of them in Nepal.  One of them is the popular Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain and the highest point on earth.

Nepal is a beautiful place that is equipped with a lot of tourist attractions, events and fun activities. Someone once tagged Nepal as a kind of place where “there is always an adventure”, and it is the simple truth. In Nepal, there is no dull moment all, there are lots of places to visit and things to do that will keep you busy all day. This piece is designed to give you information on the top places that you should visit in Nepal and things that will keep you busy.

The following below are the top places to see and things to do in Nepal, they are as follows;


Bhaktapur is an imposing Hindu temple that is rich in architecture even though many other temples suffered demolition due to the tragic earthquake that occurred in 2015. But you can still find enough temples and structures to admire at their exquisite architecture and art. The Bhaktapur Durbar Square is often regarded as the best place to see the excellent architecture and carvings of the temple. Apart from the exciting temple view, a tourist would also experience the shopping experience available at the square.  Souvenirs, pottery, puppets, masks and cultural handicrafts are what this square is known for.


If you looking for leisure, Pokhara is the perfect destination in Nepal. It is cited behind Lake Phewa, although most consider this place to be boring but I tell you it is not, the sight of the lake and the surrounding forests alone is a great experience and spending time in the beautiful hotels that are stationed around it. Pokhara is commonly known as the ‘Gateway to Annapurna Circuit,’ and it provides people with opportunity for paragliding and you can’t find such anywhere else.  Pokhara is been flanked by the River Seti and this gives the adventure lovers the opportunity to enjoy thrilling white water river rafting.


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal so you should expect a mind blowing site that will attract tourists all over the world. This capital of Nepal gives just the tip of what the country has to offer when it comes to tourism; it makes visitors hunger for more exploration. A nearby destination known as Thamel is considered to be an ideal base for trekkers and those who wish to enjoy the view of the famous Mount Everest. Kathmandu also provides options to buy the best trekking and mountain climbing gears.  This is a pilgrimage place that contains the most revered temple of the Hindus which is the Pashupati Nath, there also sacred Buddhist shrines in the region.

Chitwan National Park

The best place for wildlife tour in Nepal is the Chitwan National park. It covers an area of 934 sq km, Chitwan is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site and this shows you how amazing this place is. The park is home to a wide range of animal species especially some that are close to extinction such as the one-horned Rhinoceros. There is a total of 544 species of birds found in the park, so if you are thinking of exploring the national park, just be ready to remove more than three days from your schedule.


Dharan is an amazing city which is situated at the foothills of the Mahabharata Range. The city is separated into two parts, in the sense that one area is been  dotted with banana plants, bamboo-forested hills and rustic shacks, while the other side has countryside feel, with quiet streets lined with posh bungalows, neat pavements, and a country club with a golf course  and so on. This makes this place a must see when you travel to Nepal because you also would like to see this demarcation. It is a Hindu Pilgrimage.

Flight over the Everest

I am sure everyone reading this article would like to see Mount Everest not to talk of flying over it; this is going to be a crazy experience for everyone. There are not many tourist attractions where you get a flight tour, well this is one of those that is why it is a must see activity. Mountain flights will give an eye level view of the Mount Everest by flying at an average height of 7000 metres above sea level.  Everest, Annapurna Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Ganesh Himal, Gauri Shankar, Lhotse, Nuptse, Langtang, Manaslu, Lamjung Himal and Dhaulagiri are all being toured with a morning Himalayan flight.

Visiting Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath is the best thing to do during a tour through Nepal. It is considered to be Asia’s largest stupa, and is one of the few sacred places in the world where Tibetan Buddhist culture can be reached or accessed but is not confined. When there is light in the thousands of butter lamps is the best time to visit this place, and this occurs mostly at night.

Paragliding in Pokhara and Bandipur

Many of us have not participated in paragliding before, I am sure of that. If this is true, so what are you waiting for? Nepal is a place with lots of adventure and this is one of them. Pokhara and Bandipur in Nepal are the best places to receive and encounter the best paragliding adventure you have ever had.

View Mount Everest from Gokyo Lakes

This is the Gokyo lakes, a member of the world’s highest freshwater lake system that consist of six different lakes. This is where you will get the one of the best views of the enormous mount Everest. This wonderful sight is something that every Mount Everest lover should see. Some see the water to be a sacred material and sometimes bath in them during some Hindu festivals.

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