Best Resort in Purbachal [Updated]

1. La Riveria Resort

La Riveria is a huge resort with air-conditioned wooden cottages, parking for over 100 cars, extensive playgrounds and swimming pools. Its location is just 10 minutes after crossing Kanchan Bridge at the end of Purbachal 300 feet. Built in 2019 on the banks of the Shitalakshya river, this establishment will provide a 360 degree river view.

La Riveria is perfect for any occasion with its green grounds, barbecue and stage. However, if you want to visit this resort, you will have to pay an entrance fee of Tk 250. Day-long packages start from Tk 1,500. If you want to stay in the cottage, you have to spend 3,550 Taka. It will increase to Tk 5,750 for overnight stay.

2. CCULB Resort & Convention Hall

CCULB Resort & Convention Hall, a 4-star facility by THE CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION LEAGUE OF BANGLADESH LIMITED, aims to be a premier international standard luxury destination in Bangladesh. Situated in Purbachal, Gazipur, the resort offers both leisure and business travelers a blend of comfort and luxury. Ideally located in the central business area of Ulukhola, Purbachal, Gazipur, near Dhaka, CCULB Resort features luxuriously furnished guest rooms and suites, multi-cuisine restaurants, a lobby café, a bar, and a fine dining restaurant with a magnificent forest view. Guests can also enjoy a fitness center, Cinemax, and a swimming pool. With modern state-of-the-art amenities, the resort provides ultimate luxury and gracious hospitality.

3. Chuti Resort

With suites, cottages, villas, restaurants, pool cafes, convention halls, swimming pools, jacuzzis, beauty shops, children’s play areas, and camping areas, the chuti resort is quite luxurious. A total of 60 guests can be accommodated in 22 suites and cottages equipped with modern amenities.

The best part of the holiday resort is its open courtyard. It is suitable for various events like live music, DJ, sports etc. Besides, there are convention halls for indoor activities.

All-day dining packages with these lavish amenities start at Tk 8000+, with the highest package priced at Tk 20,000+.

Check-in time is 1 pm and check-out time is 12 pm. Check out after 12:30 PM is subject to 50% room charge.

To visit the resort, one has to go to Nagori, a place called Rathura, near Purbachal New Town. It is about 18 km from Kuril Bishwaroad. From Kuril, you have to take Purbachal Expressway towards Kanchan Bridge. Before crossing the bridge, turn left towards Asian Highway. Then go along this road to Golan Bazar. This resort is just a 5 minute drive from the market.

4. Saptarshi Riverside Resort

Saptarshi Resort on the banks of Shitalakshya river is the specialty of its tree-house. Sitting in the tree house, one can easily observe the breathtaking view of river in front. And this is enough to make you forget the rest of the resort facilities with wooden cottages, wide open spaces in an instant.

A minimum group of 4 people should be brought to enjoy the day-long package here. The package price starts from Tk 6,200 and the maximum package price is Tk 9,000. The package includes breakfast, lunch with local and foreign dishes, and light evening snack. Prices vary depending on food menu and room type. Saptarshi Riverside Resort is located just 10 minutes from Kanchan Bridge in Purbachal.

5. Purbachal Shitalakshya Resort and Park

The excellent location of this resort is just 300 meters from Saptarshi Riverside Resort. Half a kilometer away from Kanchan Bridge, this place is called Pitalganj Mosque Ghat, which originally falls in Rupganj of Narayanganj.

Built on a total of 250 khata land, this resort has wooden cottages set up with wide space. So there is quite a large open space around each cottage.

The most interesting thing about this resort is fishing from the pond here. While the barbecue is fun, many people take the freshly caught fish home with them.

The day long package here is Rs.5,000. However, for certain cottages, this package comes down to Rs 4,000 per 2 people. 10,000 to spend for 24 hours.

6. Sea Shell Amusement Park and Resort

The resort is located in Sector-3 of Purbachal Rajuk New Town, just 10 minutes away from Kuril fly over, adjacent to the 300 feet road.

First of all, it is an amusement park which is best for picnic spot. It has sea shell park, circular garden, swimming pool, and party center. Visitors can visit them all day with an entrance fee of Tk 100. Different rides in the park have to be charged separately, which is 50 to 100 rupees per ride. 200 taka per hour for swimming in the swimming pool.

There are a number of AC and non-AC deluxe rooms for those looking to enjoy resort amenities. Their package price is around Tk 5,000 to Tk 10,000 per night.

7. Nijhum Palli Resort

This Nijhum Palli Resort of Purbachal is located in Polkhan village of Daudpur Union of Rupganj, Narayanganj. The entrance to this resort can be found near Polkhan Bazar, just after Zia Park by going along Bayer Road before Kanchan Bridge.

This beautiful structure is built on an area of ​​about 11 bighas in the rural environment of Rupganj. 4 cottages, 3 villa rooms and a restaurant, various rides for children; All in all a perfect place for a family outing.

Boat trips, fishing, barbeque and sky view terrace add extra dimension. All these facilities can be enjoyed in a day package of Rs 1,500. This includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. However, the charges will increase in case of taking a room.

8. Family Life Resort

Although quite small as a resort, all facilities are arranged within this small space. These include double deluxe AC rooms, a non-AC cottage, BBQ Zone, swimming pool, children’s play area, jacuzzi, and car parking.

Those who love to cook will get a chance to cook with a professional chef here. Besides, there are arrangements to take photos with professional photographers. Round-the-clock WiFi and IPS services keep the urban vibe intact.

A group of at least 8 to 10 people should be brought to enjoy the day-long package here at Tk 1,350 per person. But there are special packages for newlyweds and advance bookings reserved only for them.

If you want to come to this resort, you have to come from Kuril to Mazar road bus stand first. Then from there along the left road passing Jai Bangla Chattar to Sector 18 of Purbachal New Town.

9. Padma Shapla Resort

Zinda Park- Famous Zinda Village Zinda or Moddo Para This scenic spot is not quite a resort. The entire place is built around a pristine rural environment, with tin house restaurants and earthenware dishes. Adequate parking is also available outside.

However, the specialty of this place, which is only 5 minutes away from Zinda Park, is the wide lotus or Shaplar bill. So many boiling Shapla flowers are not seen anywhere else in Dhaka. You can experience this wonderful scene if you come early in the morning. Due to the popularity of this Padma Bill, the resort has been built around it.

An entrance fee of Tk 50 is charged to enter the resort. Breakfast and lunch can be had between 300 and 400 taka in the restaurant in between roaming around the resort.

You can go around by boat for 300 to 500 rupees per hour. Shapla flowers can be bought for 30 to 40 taka. Padma Shapla Resort is only after crossing Zinda Park by TomTom or CNG from Kanchan Bridge.

10. Junglebari Resort Swimming and Restaurant

It is one of the budget resorts near Purbachal 300 Ft. The entire resort can be visited by entering with a fee of only 20 taka. If you want to use the swimming pool, you have to spend 200 rupees. But their 500 taka package includes entry, swimming and lunch.

The most spectacular of this beautiful place is the flower garden and playground. Day-long packages here start at Rs 2,000. If overnight stay is added to it and AC room is taken as well, the mule increases further. However, their maximum cost is up to 5,000 rupees. You can easily reach this resort by taking an autorickshaw from Kuril to Nila Market.

11. Resort Bristydhara

This resort in Purbachal New Town is just 12 minutes away from Kuril Flyover. The resort can be reached by taking an autorickshaw from the Expressway and taking a left at Mazar Road Bus Stand. As it is very close to Dhaka, there is no overnight stay here.

There are 2 suites, family living with dining, state-of-the-art dry kitchen, children’s play area, outdoor kitchen, fountain, and infinity swimming pool. Besides, there are various popular indoor and outdoor sports opportunities.

A group of at least 6 people should be brought to visit the Bristydhara. A maximum of 24 members can be taken in the group. Only one group at a time is allowed to enjoy the resort. Day-long package for groups of any number between 6 to 24 persons is Tk 3,250 per person. The package includes breakfast and dinner and lunch. During winters from December to January they serve chitai and steamed pitha along with tea.

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