How to get Dhaka metro rail card ? Mrt Pass VS Rapid Pass!

• What is MRT Pass (Dhaka metro rail card)?

MRT Pass refers to a contactless smart IC card that uses the most recent Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology.This card may be used to pay Metrorail fares (for future buses, launches, Metrorail-operated shopping centers, etc.). hassle-free.

• What is RAPID Pass?

Sony’s latest smart card, RAPID PASS, uses Near-Field Communication (NFC).The Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority introduced the Smart Card or Rapid Pass to promote Bangladesh’s integrated e-ticketing (One Card for all Transport) system and collect fares. DTCA is embarking on this exciting program with the goal of implementing the RAPID PASS system for easy and uninterrupted travel in the country’s various public transportation systems, including Dhaka Metrorail, Bus Rapid Transit, various Bangladesh Railway services, BIWTC boat services, and various government and private bus services.

• How can I get an MRT pass?

MRT Passes may be obtained by registering at any metro rail station’s Excess Fare Office (or Customer Service Centre) between 7.30 a.m. and 07.30 p.m. with the following information.You will need the following information to issue the card:
1. Fill out the registration form with required details.(The registration form is available for free at the station, or you may get it from the Metrorail website.) 2. A clear photocopy of Bangladesh’s National Identity Card.Of course, there should be information; copy is not necessary.
3. Cash just 500 Taka (200 taka will be placed on the card, and an additional 300 taka will be recharged.)
However, keep in mind that registration with valid information may result in a refund of your card, reissue of a damaged card , issuance of a lost card to you, return of your lost card, or reimbursement of the recharged amount in your lost card.(Registering a card at the station takes no more than two to three minutes.)

Now We’ll know how to collect RAPID Pass!
It is available for purchase and recharge at the following Dutch-Bangla Bank branches/sub-branches.-
1) Sonargaon Township Branch, Uttara.
2) Uttara Branch, Uttara.
3) Rabindra Sarani Branch.
4) Pallavi Branch in Mirpur.
5) Mirpur Branch in Mirpur
6) Mirpur Circle 10 Branch
7) Ibrahimpur Branch, Cantonment
8) Sheorapara Branch in Mirpur.
9) Corporate Branch of Motijheel
10) Indira Road Branch, Farm Gate
11) Khalpar Sub-Branch of Uttara
12) Taltala Sub Branch, Agargaon
13) Bangladesh Secretariat Fast Track                                                                                       14) Farmgate Sub-Branch, Farmgate
15) Kawran Bazar Branch at Kawran Bazar
16. Green Road Branch, Panthpath.
17) Elephant Road Branch.
18) Segunbagicha Sub Branch in Segunbagicha
19) Bangabandhu Avenue Branch in Gulistan
20) Motijheel Foreign Trade Branch in Gulistan.
21) Shantinagar Branch in Shantinagar
22) New Market Branch (New Market)
There are two branches in Dhanmondi: Satmasjid Road and Mirpur Road.
25) New Iskaton Maka at Moghbazar.
26) Shyamoli branch (Shyamoli)
27) Khilgaon Branch at Taltala, Khilgaon
28) RK Mission Road Sub-Branch, Motijheel 29) Rampura Branch, Rampura.
30) Vijayanagar Branch, Vijayanagar 31) Bashundhara Branch, Bashundhara.
32) Branch of Nabisco in Tejgaon.
33) Moghbazar Branch in Moghbazar
34) Mugda Sub Branch, Mugda.

Rapid Passes may also be purchased from DBBL kiosks at the Diabari and Agargao Metro Rail Stations.The initial cost of this Rapid Pass card is simply 400 Taka .Only 200 taka is required for the initial recharge, with the remaining 200 taka representing the card’s worth.

• What are the benefits of any card?

Both cards offer practically identical perks.

• How to reload an MRT or Rapid Pass card?

Both cards can be recharged at Metrorail stations ticket offices and vending machines.The Rapid Pass can also be recharged at the designated bank (and will be sent to the station).However, in the future, recharges can be scheduled using mobile banking.

• What is the exterior difference between RAPID Pass and MRT Pass?

Except for the issuing authority, there is no discernible difference in how both cards are used.

• How many cards may a person issue in total?

If a person wishes, he or she may issue many cards.However, it is recommended to carry only one card against the same identity card.

• How many people can travel with your card?

A single card can only be used for one person to travel simultaneously.

• How do I utilize these cards?

To access the station’s paid zone or inside, show or touch your MRT Pass / Rapid Pass card at the specified area at the AFC Gate.(Because the cards employ the contemporary NFC technique, the system can automatically read the card when it comes within 10 cm of the authorized location of the AFC gate. As a result, there is no need to brush or contact the card at the specified location). Follow the same steps when leaving at the end of your journey.

• What precautions should I take when using this card?

1) When entering your card at the metro station’s passenger gate, double-check that it was properly input.If the entrance is not completed, the card will be unable to escape via the exit gate.In that scenario, you must manually pay the fare at EFO and depart through the swing gate.In this instance, your cost will be calculated based on the past few days of travel.

2) When exiting your card at the Passenger Gate, be sure it has been properly exited.If an exit is not completed, you will be unable to travel the next day.In this instance, if you leave the next day, the fine is merely 60 taka, and the rent is subtracted.As a result, Pass-users are asked to wait 2-4 seconds at Entry/Exit and carefully examine their cards at the Passenger Gate.

3) Handle your card with care to prevent it from breaking or becoming misplaced.

• What to do if this card is lost or broken?

If your used MRT pass card is broken, you must pay Tk 200; if it is lost, you must purchase a new card for just Tk 400. And this card and its balance are only good for ten years.

To replace a damaged Rapid Pass Card, users can pay a reissue cost of Rs.200/- to the operator.In that scenario, the operator will complete the appropriate processes to transfer the prior balance to your newly issued card. Refund for a lost Rapid Pass card: If this card user returns the lost card, he will pay the operator the deposit amount.The operator will then deactivate the card after verifying its legitimacy, deducting just Rs.20/- for the return charge, and refund the card’s value on the same day.However, Rapid Pass recharges and has a lifetime validity (a replacement card will be provided if the registered card is broken/lost). You can more info about rapid pass from here.

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