Flight Information of Dhaka to Kolkata and Top Tourist Spots of Kolkata:

There are lots of tourist spots in Kolkata where you can spend your holiday in relax with full of enjoyment. Description of some exciting tourist spots are given below- 

1. Victoria Memorial: 

Victoria Memorial is a white marble majestic structure that is located in the heart of Koltaka. To glorify the 25th years ruling of Queen Victoria, Victoria Memorial was built which is surrounded by a vigorous green beautiful garden on 64 acres of land. Here you will find an evergreen environmental, 16-foot tall bronze statue of victory, well-furnished complex and so on. So, if you come to Kolkata, you should visit Victoria Memorial at least once. 

2. Belur Math: 

Belur Math is a symbol of unity, founded by Swami Vivekananda where all types of people irrespective of the religion can come to enjoy the environment and it is situated on the bank of Hooghly River over forty acres of land. It’s distinguished for spiffy architecture, beautiful environment, a museum, several additional educational institutions that will make your day great. So, it’s recommended to you for visiting Belur Math. 

3. Howrah Bridge: 

Howrah Bridge is deliberated as one of the longest cantilever bridges in the world which is also known as Rabindra Setu and located over the Hooghly River. This Steel bridge appends Howrah and Kolkata that carries 100,000 vehicles and huge wayfarers every day and the view of the bridge is amazing, inestimable at night than the day. It’s about 1500ft long and 71ft wide with 8 lanes and the interesting thing is that this bridge is made without any nut-bolt which makes the architecture identical. 

4. Birla Planetarium: 

Birla Planetarium also is known as Taramandal which was founded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on July 1963 and it is the largest planetarium in the Asia and second-largest planetarium in the world. It’s a dignified building where several events and shows are held regularly on various languages like Bangla, Hindi, English, etc and there is also an electronic laboratory, astronomy gallery additionally. If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing events then Birla Planetarium is highly recommended to you. 

5. Indian Museum: 

Indian Museum also is known as Jadughar that was founded in 1814 which is the largest museum in the India and ninth ancient museum in the world. The museum has 35 galleries which divided into six categories, they are- Art, Geology, Zoology, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Economic Botany with a huge collection of fossils, ornaments, antiques, skeletons, armors, and paintings. With an amazing environment, the museum will take back you to the past historical witness. 

5. Science City: 

Science City is one of the prettiest and largest science museums in the world which was established on 1st July 1997. It’s the main attraction for the Kolkata dwellers and the tourist that is situated at the crossing of EM Bypass and the JBS Haldar Avenue in Kolkata. With the motto of Popularisation of science, Science City was inaugurated where you can go with your family and friends for acquiring different types of knowledge related to the world. 

6. Eden Gardens: 

Eden Gardens was established in 1864 over 50 acres of lands for the cricket ground with the capacity of 66,349 seats. It’s a well-maintained cricket stadium and also a beautiful calm place which is surrounded by lots of mahogany, mango, banyan trees. It is extremely famous as a cricket destination where various types of matches like, one day, test, T-20, IPL is held regularly. So, if you are a cricket lover then you should go there once. 

7. Jorasanko Thakur Bari: 

Jorasanko Thakur Bari is a hereditary home of elegant Tagore Family where our beloved Rabindranath Tagore was born and spent the maximum time of his entire life. The home was built in 1784 which was turned to Rabindra Varati Museum and it’s located in Jorasanko, North Kolkata. The museum is divided into three galleries like Books, Manuscripts and Antique Items. In whole, it’s one of the most pleasant and charming places which is full with literary work of Rabindranath Tagore. 

8. Botanical Garden: 

Botanical Garden was known as Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose’s Indian Botanic Garden which was established in 1787 over 273 acres of land and located at Shibpur, Hawrah, Kolkata. It’s a place of 12,000 long-lived plants, thousands of orchids, different-colored flowers and the main attraction is The Great Banyan Tree which is really big in size. It’s a place of great charm for the nature lover where you can spend your time in a calm environment between green trees. 

9. Eco-Tourism Park: 

Eco-Tourism is an island-shaped the expensive urban park which is situated on 475 acres of land. The main idea for making this kind of park was given by the Chief Minister of West Bangla, Mamata Banerjee that was really an outstanding thought. It’s an elegant and well-maintained park which is a great combination of ecological zones, gardens and recreational zones. If you are a nature lover then this place is highly recommended for you. 

10. Park Street:

Park Street is the main hangout place for Kolkata dwellers which starts at Chowringhee Road to Park Circus Crossing. It’s said that the street never sleeps and always fussy with its own activities where you can find many restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, 5-star hotels, shopping malls and so on. It’s one of the most recreational places of Kolkata which is decorated with bright colors and all types of festivals like Diwali, New Year, Christmas, etc are observed here with great enthusiasm. 

11. Prinsep Ghat: 

Prinsep Ghat is situated along the bank of Hooghly River and located at West Bengal, Kolkata which was built in 1841 during British Raj. It is one of the oldest recreational places of Kolkata where people usually spend their weekends and leisure hours boating on the river or walking beside the riverside. Moreover, there are fountains, pathways, gardens, renovated ghats, delicious foods, etc that will make your Kolkata visit amazing.

Kolkata is a place of historical interest, one of the largest city of India and most exciting attraction for the tourists. Visiting Kolkata from Dhaka is easy that you can take a tour whenever you get time with your family and friends. There are many tourists spots, parks, historical places, museums, rivers that will make your holiday great. 

Forgoing Kolkata first you need to reach Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka and from here you will arrive at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport via airways. There are many airways that give services for going Dhaka to Kolkata like, Indigo Airways, Spice Jet, Air India, Regent Airlines, Biman Bangladesh, Srilankan Airlines, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Cathay Pacific, and so on. As Kolkata is not very far from Dhaka, it about 238 kilometers and it will take about 1 hour to reach. There are about 61 direct flights from Dhaka to Kolkata, among them Spice Jet is most popular because they provide 22% non-stop flights between these two regions. After analyzing many data, we have got that the average price of Dhaka to Kolkata direct flight trip is about $129 and for connecting flights, it’s more than this amount. Some flights information of Dhaka to Kolkata is described here- 

• Spice Jet: 

It’s the fastest airways that will take you to Kolkata at the shortest possible time. It gives non-stop flight service 9.40 to 10.05 in 55mins with all types of flight amenities. 


It gives a non-stop and smooth service from Dhaka to Kolkata between 19.10-20.00 in 1hour 20mins. 

• Air India: 

You will have a non-stop flight service from Air India for going Kolkata. The flight will take off from Dhaka at 21.35 and land Kolkata at 22.05 within 1 hour. 

• Biman Bangladesh: 

With all flight amenities, you will have a sleek trip from Dhaka to Kolkata through Biman Bangladesh. The flight takes off from Dhaka at 7.00 and lands Kolkata at 7.25 within 55mins. Another flight starts from Dhaka at 19.29 and arrives at Kolkata at 19.45 within 55mins. 

• Regent Airlines: 

It also provides non-stop and smoothest flight services from Dhaka to Kolkata. It takes off from Dhaka at 10.30 and lands Kolkata at 11.00. Another flight starts at Dhaka at 15.30 and reaches Kolkata at 17.00. 

• Malindo Air: 

Malindi Air provides connecting service from Dhaka to Kolkata with one-stop.  With a layover of 4hour 35mins at Kuala Lumpur, Malindo Air takes off from Dhaka at 11.25 and reaches at Kolkata at 23.20 within 12hour 25mins. Another flight takes off from Dhaka 1.10 and after a layover of 14hour 55mins, it arrives Kolkata at 23.20. 

• Thai Airways: 

Thai Airways also provides connecting service from Dhaka to Kolkata with one or two stops in different time zones. It takes off from Dhaka at 13.35 and after a layover of 4h 20mins in Kunming, lands Kolkata at 00.45. Another flight starts from Dhaka at 02.00 and with a layover of 8hour 25mins in Bangkok, reaches Kolkata at 15.30. 

• Singapore Airlines: 

Singapore Airlines gives connecting service from Dhaka to Kolkata at different time zone like it takes off from Dhaka at 13.25 and after a layover of 1hour 30mins in Singapore, it lands Kolkata at 22.35 within 9hour 40mins. 

• Bangkok Airways: 

It provides connecting and smooth flight service between Dhaka to Kolkata with a layover of 8hour 25mins at Bangkok. It takes off from Dhaka at 2.00 and land at Kolkata at 15.30. 

• China Eastern: 

China Eastern provides connecting flight service between these two regions with a layover of 4hour 20mins at Kunming. It starts at Dhaka airport at 14.35 and lands Kolkata at 23.50 within 9hour 45mins. 

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