Dhaka to Sylhet Air, Bus Ticket price & Schedule

Dhaka to Sylhet Air, Bus Ticket price & Schedule

Dhaka to Sylhet Air and Bus ticket price  & Schedule

The division Sylhet is located in the eastern part of Bangladesh which is the most significant spiritual & cultural center of the country and it is situated on the bank of the Surma river. After Dhaka, it’s the most most important division and known as a spiritual place because various famous persons have born here like- Hazrat Shahjalal ( R ), Hazrat Shah Paran ( R), Hason Raja, Shah Abdul Karim, M.A.G. Osmani & so more. The place is truly blessed with natural beauty and has contributed a lot to the economy of Bangladesh, some tourist attractions of Sylhet are- Bisanakandi, Jaflong, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Shahjalal Dargah, Lalakhal, Pang Thu Mai, Kean Bridge, Malnichara Tea Garden, Khadimnagar National Park, Bholaganj, etc.

As Sylhet is the place of natural beauty, people used to make trips from Dhaka to Sylhet and there are many ways for making a wonderful comfortable journey. If you want to make a trip from Dhaka to Sylhet you can journey by bus or plane, lots of airlines have flights to Sylhet, like- Biman Bangladesh, US- Bangla Airline, Novo Airlines; similarly there are many AC or Non-AC buses are available also for going Sylhet, like- Ena Paribahan, Shamoli Paribahan, RP Elegance, Mamun Enterprise, Hanif Enterprise, Green Line, Saint Martin Paribahan, London Express, Golden Line Paribahan, etc. Here I’m providing detailed information regarding Dhaka to Sylhet Air & Bus Flight Schedule & Ticket Price.

Dhaka to Sylhet all airlines schedule ~ 2023 :

AirlineDepartArriveDurationAvaibilityDay Off
NovoAir 95112:00 PM12:45 PM45mM T W T F S SN/A
Biman 60112:45 PM1:25 PM40mM T W - F S ST
US-B-Air 1311:00 PM1:40 PM40mM T W T F S SN/A
Biman 6012:15 PM2:55 PM40mTM T W F S S
Biman 6033:45 PM4:25 PM40mT F SM T W S
Biman 6034:30 PM5:10 PM40mT F SM W T S
Biman 4056:00 PM6:50 PM50mT T F SM W S
Biman 6056:30 PM7:10 PM40mT T F SM W S

Dhaka to Sylhet ticket fare of Biman Bangladesh Airlines ~ 2023 :

Ticket NamePrice in BDT
Super Saver2,500
Economy Saver4,000
Economy Flexible5,000
Business Saver5,700
Business Flexible6,100

Dhaka to Sylhet ticket fare of US Bangla Airlines ~ 2023 :

Ticket NamePrice in BDT
Promotional Economy3,200
Discount Economy3,700
Restricted Economy5,000
Regular Economy6,200

Dhaka to Sylhet ticket fare of Novo Air Airlines ~ 2023 :

Ticket NamePrice in BDT
Special Promo2,700

Dhaka to Sylhet ticket fare and contact number of Bus ~ 2023 :

Bus NameFor ContactNon AC (BDT)AC (BDT)
Unique Service0290027710 / 01963-622223470-
Shymoli Paribahan02-9127698 / 01714-517373470-
Ena Paribahan01869-802727 / 01869-8027404701200
Al Mobaraka01610-801024400-
Mamun Enterprise01711-337851400-
RP Elegance01311-228130470-
Hanif Enterprise02-9120116 / 0171-881813470-
Green Line02-8315380-950 - 1200
Saint Martin Paribahan01762-691339-700-900
London Express01711-000333-950 - 1200
Golden Line Paribahan02-8052622 / 01755-522211-1000 - 1200

I hope that you have got all kinds of information regarding Dhaka to Sylhet Air & Bus Ticket Price & Flight Schedule. Moreover, you can book all kinds of tickets at a cheap price from flyticket.com.bd. Thanks for reading this article.

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